HS1DAY: 11/16/18

Its friday and I’m in bed as I write this, a collection of events in my day.

Today I got into hill climb 2. I was already very interested in hill climb 1, but my good friend said that it’s better to race other people than just see how far you can go. I also stopped a fight in between two of my dogs, they haven’t been getting along good. One is a year and a half Staffordshire terrier, the other is about 6 months, and a Australian shepherd. Both are male, please leave any links or anything that may help me in the comments down below.

I’m up 8 twitter followers today, as you may know from a recent post I’m the founder of Theh2digroup.com and to gain traffic I created a spokesperson @setterrecord on Twitter. Officially at 1,438 followers.

Small Events Today

  • I went to the dump today trashing an old couch
  • I watched south park, family guy, and American dad. Also some dateline
  • I got a chocolate frappuccino from a small coffee stand
  • I’ve prayed to God today
  • I heard weird behavior

Thanks for reading & taking interest.


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