HS1DAY: 11/20/18

I began my day driving up to my great Grandmothers after getting coffee. On the drive I listened to Creedence Clearwater Revival a band I had just begun listening too.

My life is not imperfect. I do what I enjoy, and I am who I enjoy. If your a recurring reader of mine you’ll probably know that I’m a Christian, and while I dont believe in Nirvana or reincarnation or other Buddhist teachings, but I have reached what they might call complete contentment.

“Carrots”, and “Peas” are two turkeys that we got to vote on, and see which one would be pardoned. (For the Presidental Turkey pardon) Unfortunately I didn’t find out about the poll till afterwards so I didnt get to vote… but I would have probably voted for peas anyways, and he was the one that was pardoned.

Before I wrote this post I wrote a post for yesterday because I wasnt given the time yesterday to do that. But while I write this after I uploaded the one for yesterday’s date there is a smile on my face because I just got my 6th follow. The person that granted me this joy was coffeemadebetter.com if your reading this (and since you followed me you should get this in email) thank you.

Smaller events of today

  • My day didnt have any smaller events I did not mention.

Thanks For Reading 🙂


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