HS1DAY: Thank God Prayer Works

Earlier today I posted something about how grateful I was about my precious rabbit being returned, I immediately upon tbe news prayed out loud, enjoyed and thanked God, and even Googled how to say thanks to God.

And the day before that my lizard I thought had died, I dont remember If I prayed, if I didnt I should have. And today God gifted me again, my second missing rabbit Cocoa Cream was returned to me, Thank God. As soon as I put bunny brown in her cage I said “I will get cocoa back for you” i prayed, and God worked a miracle.

So the next time something bad, or good happens to you, just say out loud, or inside your mind “Thank You God” maybe even add in “Almighty in Heaven” after that.


One thought on “HS1DAY: Thank God Prayer Works

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