HS1DAY: 11/22/18

Note: Too all of my great followers I would like to let you know that I will not be making an entry for 21/11/18 you see I made 2 posts that day because both of my rabbits were returned to me, Thank God, and I cant remember much other than that.

I didnt tell you guys about this trip, but today I flew too San Deigo from seattle. Boarding time was 3:05 PM and I believe I was out of the airport by about 6 or 6:30. Then only about a 10-20 minute drive to my cool hotel. Actually dont call it a hotel, it’s more like a campground.

There are 2 rooms per building, by the beach, and LOTS of swimming pools, hot tubs, and walkways lined with torches. I’m so grateful for my life. Thank God.

In the morning I didnt get my coffee, I waited until the airport. Full 100% honesty, I didnt really do anything until 11:30 when I left to meet my family at my grandmother’s house to leave for the flight. There just seemed to be no point in anything until after the flight.

So after the flight, that wasnt really bad, I ate at a very good restaurant. I never really liked asparagus, but when mixed with this sauce it tasted amazing. The recipe is cattleman BBQ sauce, whiskey (once cooked the alcohol is burned out) and some sort of pepper. Try at home experiment, and PS I haven’t had a comment yet so comment on how it worked.

Thanks for reading, and Thank You God.


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