HS1DAY: 11/27/18

When I woke up in the morning I was immediately sad. I truly enjoyed San Diego, and this was the day I had to leave.

My plane was at 3:00 PM. In San Diego there are these things called lime-s’, basically they’re scooters you can rent that are found, and left everywhere. I know it was childish to enjoy riding them even though I had a rental car, but I had spent hours of my vacation just riding them. So before I left I got in a last 30-60 minutes of riding.

(COST; In total on that trip I went 34,848 Feet, used it for roughly 4 hours, and spent only $0.15 an hour plus a $1 startup cost, and I had 11 rides so I only spent roughly $40-$50 dollars.)

I got to the airport by 12 AM (3 hours before my flight) I was all done with security check, and I was all seated somewhere from 1-1:30PM. Let me just tell you really quick that I was scared at the metal detector part. You see on my way into San Diego I ran of the metal detector and they had to search me, it was a horribly weird experience. It was just very awkward. I know what lead to it though, my uncle had taken my only belt, and my Jeans were baggy, and the guy said next time to pull them up, because apparently somehow a metal detector can detect how you wear your jeans.

After I got there i ate at a burger from a surprisingly good restaurant. It was one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. I know you might think by airport restaurant that means fast-food, but no, it was an actual restaurant.

Long story short, my flight into seattle wasnt that bad. I was out of the airport by 7PM (i think) dropped of my Grandmother, then my sister, then I headed home, I think I got there at 9PM. Then i ordered a pizza, watched a couple episodes on season 30 of SNL on hulu, and went to bed. In bed some might think about how great the vacation was, and how it sucks to be back home, and while I was sad on the plane back home getting home changed all of that.

I was very happy top see my dogs, my chinchillas, my bunnies, and all the other great animals I have, and love. God made these great animals, and Gid has given me joy in them.

Thank You God For My Life, And My Beautiful Family, And Animals.



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