HS1DAY: 11/28/18

This was officially my first full day back home in Bonney Lake Wa. I dont know if you reading this is a follower, or has read my blog before, but I just returned from a trip to San Diego.

I enjoyed today, mainly because I enjoy driving. Me, and my dad, drove out too Randle Wa to meet my uncle who just moved out there. I love driving those mountain roads, listening to classic rock music. Music that ranges from Richie Valen, all the way to Nirvana, and Metallica, Don McLean, The Cars, and the Scorpions.

Before we left for Randle at 12 AM me and my dad fixed our backyard fence. My dog which you can see a lot of on my other website Brightleigh, and also in the photo below this paragraph. His name is Koda Bear, he’s a Rat Terrier.

He Loves Wearing Whatever Keeps Him Warm Even if it’s Peoples Clothes

That’s practically all that my day was, and I enjoy it. My life isn’t bad, and Thank You God For My Life, And How Great It Is.



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