HS1DAY: 11/30/18

I woke up at 6 AM (Pacific Time) I then went on with my average mon-fri routine.

  1. Wake Up From 6-7 AM
  2. Get Coffee
  3. Take the drive from Bonney Lake, WA, too Kent, WA to visit my Grandmother, 96
  4. At 8 AM Go to school
  5. 12 AM Eat lunch
  6. Go home
  7. Watch some TV
  8. Feed Animals
  9. Eat Dinner
  10. Watch More TV
  11. Go To bed very uncomfortably because there are 3 dogs that sleep in my bed. Each one of them on my legs.

Now while that is my daily routine I would like to say that there is a lot of fun in between those things. Every day something new, or not new, but enjoyable happens. Those small events in between these events play a roll in how happy I am that God gave this life too me.

Thank You God For My Life, and Thank You Readers For Reading About It.


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