HS1DAY: 12/4/18

This was a very, very good day, it was filled with joy, and happiness.

I started put my day getting coffee. Then I went to my Grandmothers house like I do every morning, I love to visit her. As I wrote this she is 96 years young, literally young. She still cooks, cleans, drives, shops, and even occasionally does work at the family store. It’s not like she’s forced too do it either she truly enjoys working. (NOTE: Because of how awesome she is I’m writing a special article about her called “96 Years Young: The Life Of Marian” look for it, it will be interesting)

Then I went to school, that wasnt that fun, but I enjoy the time I spent with my friends. After school I went back to my Grandmothers too visit, she made me some food, and it was delicious. Then I went with my dad, his girlfriend, and her daughter, too Spanaway Lake Park. For Christmas they light up the entire park with decorative Christmas lights.

Supposed to be Mt Rainier

Then I went home, fed my animals, and went to bed. I am so grateful to God for giving me my life, and my family.

Thank You My Good Gracious God, and Thank You My Readers, If It Weren’t For All Of You I Wouldn’t Even Have A Blog, And Honestly Blogging Has Made Me Happier. Please Comment Too, I Would Love Some Commenting. Thanks!!! 🙂


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