HS1DAY: 12/5/18

Today I wasnt feeling well, so I stayed home from school. It was a very beneficial day for me though, and honestly I think every once in a while a kid should stay home. My reasonings behind this are very simple; You should not expect a kid too do work on weekends that’s our time off 2. Most kids are missing some papers, or haven’t done some things that are do, for there grades sake, let them stay home, and catch up.

Now a lot of people aren’t gonna like I’m saying that, but trust me, when I was in lower grades, like 6-9th grades, I could have used a day off to catch up.

On to my day, it was very simple. I did homework, I played in bed, I took care of my animals, by 7:00 PM I was feeling good enough so I went put to dinner with my family, my day was blessed. I’m honestly one of those people who doesn’t mind getting sick, too me strep throat just seems like an excuse to stay home, and relax.

Call me lazy if you want too, but a relaxed person will be able to work harder, and concentrate more.

Thank God, My Readers, My Followers, And Anyone That Likes This, My Life Has Been Blessed, I Hope Yours Has, Or Will, Be Blessed.


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