HS1DAY: 12/7/18

NOT BORING, those are the words I will use, and have used to explain this day. First of all i didn’t have school, so I went with my dad, and my mom-out to Centralia, Washington. Now this is really rare, and exciting, and surprising, since they are divorced, and seeing other people.

In Centralia we got passports for the trip me, and my dad, and my sister are taking out to Australia. Oh yeah… by the way stay tuned in a couple months I’m going to Australia, and in 2 weeks I leave to hawaii for 10 days, for Christmas. In Centralia we went out to lunch after we got passports, and we really enjoyed our lunch. It was a place called Once Upon A Thyme it’s a sandwich shop, and they had the best lasagna ever.

Then I decided to spend the night with my mom, out in the outskirts of Morton, Wa.

Thank You God For My Amazing Life, And Thank You Readers. And Please Don’t Forget That We Are Seeking Donations, Please Click This Link, And Donate.


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