HS1DAY: 12/8/18

Today my dog koda got his picture taken with Santa. I get the photo tomorrow, and I can’t wait. He is a very adorable dog. Then I went back with my dad (but only for about 7 hours) at about 10:30 AM (Pacific).

We got coffee, then we went up too Mount Adams, it was beautiful, and covered with snow. New Crisp snow, because as we got there it started snowing, covering up all the car tracks from the mountain road.

We never reached the top, but we had a pretty good snowball fight. At 4:00 PM we had made it back too town, so we ate at Josies, honestly it used to be my favorite restaurant in Packwood. But No one really enjoyed their food. One person (my dads girlfriend) actually started puking later in the night, but I’m not gonna say it was josies, I’ll say it might have been.

Then I went back home with my mom, went to the grocery store, and that was my day. Thanks For Reading.

Thank God For My Life, And Thank You For Reading. Please Also Click This Link, And Donate For Our Website.


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