HS1DAY: 12/13/18

So let’s recap to 11/12/18 & 12/12/18 they both played crucial roles in today. 11/12/18 My dads girlfriend was diagnosed with pancreatitis, 12/12/18, they had to go to the hospital, and were out until 2AM, the entire time I was home doing homework. How did these play roles in today?

Well my dad, and his girlfriend were so tired from being in hospitals until 2 AM, and I was so tired cause of doing homework from 10 PM to 2 AM, that we all slept in until 11 AM today. On a school day. And I already live an hour away from school so…. no use in me going back when there only 3 hours left.

Today took a turn for the worst though as she felt more pain, and as I write this its 10:30 PM, they just got back from the doctors again, after roughly 9 hours. They found out she has a small infection. Please pray for her.

Thank God, Thank You, And Please Pray For Her. Also Please Click This Link, And Donate Too Me, And My Bigger Website.


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