HS1DAY: 12/14/18

No school today, so I just enjoyed my Friday. It was a very good day Too.

First I got coffee, and they made it really, really well.

Then i hung out of the sectional couch with my dads sick girlfriend(pancreatitis).

Then I ordered pizza. It was half bad.

Then I went to see deadpool 2 at 8 PM. Now I was a little confused that they had that in theaters cause it’s been out for a while. I think it’s back in theaters for Stan Lee’s memory, (I’m probably wrong) but it was very different cause it had fred savage, and I think it was Pg-13.

Then I got back home at 10:30, did some stuff, and then I sat on the black sectional couch, in the living room, with a lamp, and a flat screen TV that lays on a black TV stand, that all sits on the brand-new brown/grey floors. And I took out my Samsung S9 phone, got on wordpress, and I wrote this. God has blessed my life, pray, to make yours better.

Thank God, Thank You, Thank Jesus, Thank The Holy Spirit, My Life Is Very Good, Pray, And Yours Will-If God Wants it too, Improve.


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