HS1DAY: 30 Days Of My Life

As of now, I have officially posted an entire 30 days worth of notes on my life, as of the post 14/12/18. Not counting the 3 special posts I’ve made (My Rabbit Was Found Thank God, Thank God Prayer Works, & Donate To A Good Cause). There is a post about my days from 15/11/18 to 20/11/18, then from 22/11/18 to right now at 14/12/18. You might ask “what happened to 21/11/18, well that’s the day I posted “My Rabbit Was Found Thank God” and “Thank God Prayer Works” basically my rabbit had ran away, and I felt that these two posts detailed my day good enough, but since they don’t say 21/11/28 I’m not gonna count them. I guess I just felt their title had to Pop, cause of my excitement. Well I’ve gotten over 20 follows, 100 likes, and I just have to say…..

Thank God, And Thank You.


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