HS1DAY: 12/16/18

Antiquities, and furniture. I know that this sounds like an older person thing to do, but I went to an antique mall. In my life, I like too collect things. I have a sword, knife, pokemon, coins, and lots of other types of Collections. And if your into that stuff go to an antique mall, you can probably get one of those 4 I listed for cheap.

And the whole furniture thing….. I hate furniture, clothes, and food shopping. It’s just not my thing. But then I hear comments like “well do you want to go without furniture, clothes, and food?”. Another thing about me is I know myself, and I occasionally talk to myself, PS that comment was from my own self. I’m a stubborn human being, and I know that if I don’t go shopping myself, and get those things I might just not use them. Yes, that includes food. I will then go out, get my own, and that just means that them getting it themselves was a waste of time. So I’m a stubborn, BUT considerate person, who occasionally talks to himself.

Thank God, Thank You, And Have A Good Life, But Remember Praying Makes A Good Life Better, And A Bad Life Best.


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