HS1DAY: 12/18/18

This day was all good, I got some writing done, I went to a store I like, and I had a really nice day at school.

This is a question for all you writers out there, whether you write for TV, fun, or just too immediately throw it away, have you ever gotten so into writing something that you just love it, and start Smiling? I did earlier today. Luckily you guys can all see what I wrote by going to lichenshortstories.wordpress.com

Anyways my day has been good, it was fun. School wasn’t bad. It was actually kinda fun, there’s just those days sometimes, when you just have fun.

Then I got home at about 5 PM, and at about 7:50 PM me, my dad, his girlfriend, and her daughter, all went to Bass Pro Shops. I believe they are owned by the same guy that owns Cabela’s. I used to love going to Cabela’s I even named a dog after them.

Thank God For My Life, Thank You For Reading About It, And May We All Have Success In Whatever Good We Do.


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