HS1DAY: 12/19/18

Today was very interesting. First of all incase you guys didnt know, and I’m pretty sure you dont know, but I go to a private Christian school. Every single Wednesday we need to get on chapel clothes, cause at about 9:30 AM or 10 AM we have a 1 hour long chapel. Today in the morning however I forgot my chapel clothes, and that is a big mistake. The school will just force you to change into whatever clothes they have on hand. Infact this is such a big offense I was just told to forget about going. So today I skipped school.

My day was spent with my Great Grandmother, us in the family call her Grandma O, she is 96 years old, and tells some pretty amazing stories. First she took me to buy new chapel clothes incase I forget again, then we went out to Trotters, a restaurant in Auburn, Washington. I loved it, they always make the food just right, in a short amount of time. Always have been, always will be, one of my Top 5 favorite restaurants.

Then I came home, and me, and my dad, went out to the Petco in Bonney Lake, Washington to get my hermit crabs some sand, my chinchilla a chew toy, and various other items.

Then I came home laid in bed, it’s 10:25 PM as I end this article about my day, and I’m happy.

Thank God, Thank You, And Please Enjoy Your Days, Especially The Ones When Your Faith In God Is At 100%%


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