HS1DAY: 12/21/18

If you read my blog post for 20/12/18, if not click this link, you’ll see that I said I might not have school tomorrow because of the power outage. Well there was school, but I didn’t go. This day was the shortest day of the year, and it was so dark my grandma was too scared to send me to school.

She’s 96 God bless her soul, she still drives, cooks, and is just awesome. Weird thing is that when you try to help her she gets defensive, and almost refuses it. But then when you need help she won’t let you go without her help. Kind, nice, awesome grandma, AKA Grandma O.

Tommorow is going to be chaos. Actually I’m writing this at 4 AM so this day I’m writing about has ready passed so…. today is going to be chaos. We leave tommorow I guess for hawaii (Christmas trip) and the day before a trip is always chaos. Cause you know, what’s the point of planning ahead.

I spent my day home, actually sleeping. Once I found out I wasnt going to school I accidentally slept until 12:30 AM. Then I watched some riverdale, I’m only 3 or 2 episodes away from being caught up, I took care of my animals, and after various other things here I Am now. But probably the best thing I did today was write a blog post “What Christmas Means To Me In 1000 Words (at least)” while it is not for this blog, I will reblog It on here. It came to just 4 words away from 1,200 words, and it’ll be posted on Dec 25th so follow me for that.

Thank God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Readers, Subscribers, And My Life Is Blessed, Please God Let Them Turn To You, And Let Them Live Long Hapoy Lives.


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