HS1DAY: 12/23/18

Today was long, but at least now I can just sit & relax in my nice Hilton hotel.

So my day was long, I got up at 3 AM then after two hours of picking people up, and various other things I finally with my Grandma, dad, great-grandma, sister, both of my cousins, my little cousins babysitter, I forgot where I was going with this, but we finally arrived at the Seattle-seatac airport. Our plane took off at late 8 AM or early 9 AM, and it wasnt that bad of a flight, infact I really like flights. It was somewhere from 6-9 hours, honestly my ear started bleeding during our second connecting flight so I took some CBD’s and I only use those for emergencies, and I got kinda… loopy i guess is what you can say.

Thank God For Everything Good, And Bad, And Thanks (Viewers) For Sticking With Me Through It *Yawns* Goodnight.