HS1DAY: 11/24/18

Good day!!! This was truly an awesome, I had so much fun on my first day in hawaii. There was a problem though as I had a $250 breakfast, and a $150-200 dinner, courtesy of the Hilton Waikoloa Village. And that is an expensive breakfast (especially for a buffet).

So first I went too the breakfast buffet place, and by the way this place has a monorail, and boat that runs through it. So I took the monorail from my room at Palace Tower, and I headed to breakfast. Then after a breakfast with pretty amazing biscuits me, and several other family members headed too the general store, and all the other stores.

Then the bad news struck, my dad had lost his credit card. That’s one of the only things he really gets angry about nowadays…. of course though it’s my fault. For the moment. Eventually my Grandmother (not the great-grandmother) was able to calm him down. He never found it, but it’ll probably show up.

Then the only place I remember the name of, the Lagoon Grill. It was expensive, and the fish & chips (I was told) weren’t good. My burger on the other hand wasn’t bad. I definitely would give them 5 stars, but no less than 3, because the server was nice. Everyone working at this hotel or at least everyone I saw was native Hawaiian, and they’re generally very nice people

And now I’m about to end this article, kick back, relax, and hopefully be terrified, and unable to relax, and sleep by this horror move called “Lights Out”. I’m not sure how it is, but if you’ve seen it then comment down below.

Thank God, Thank You, Thank Jesus, The Holy Spirit, And My Life Is Wonderful I Hope Everyone Who Reads This Has, Or Will Have A Life Equal, Or Better. And God Please Let That Happen. Also May Everyone Have A Merry Christmas, And Have Hopefully Had An Amazing Christmas Eve.