Beginings: The CCG, VeriXon, Lustershire, El Señor Cocaína, QuicNews, And The Hakessers (#1)

The College Community Group started out as a small group of activists at VeriXon University. They were activists for animal rights, legalization of psychedelic drugs, and gun-control. They eventually within a matter of months had over 5% of the school as registered, paying members.

The fee was $100 a month, and they had 250 people paying that monthly fee, and sometimes donating more. $25,000 a month wasn’t enough money though for their “crusades”.

The “Crusades” are when the CCG would pay people outside of the university to travel, spread the word of the CCG, and recruit new members.

The crusades were unsuccessful, but the CCG still believed in them. When VeriXon students soon started leaving the CCG they had to find new ways to pay for their Crusades.

By the time the CCG was a year old they had only 15 members. Yet it was as successful as ever. They used money saved, and started selling the psychedelics they campaigned for on campus. Then with their newfound drug money they started loan sharking money out to people. They were making over $50,000 a month, and had $300,000 in bank accounts.

When VeriXon found out about the group now renamed the “College Community Gang” they expelled the leader of the CCG David Lucas, and all others that were believed to be involved. Then all the money frozen in the bank accounts of all known members was froze.

However 7 of the 15 people were untouched, and unknown to VeriXon, and the authorities. Out of those 7 the CCG rose again. The new leader was Wallace W. Wahlberg, and his two co-leaders Bruce Chains, and V. Then 4 lackeys who sold the drugs, and did the dirty work.

The 7 set out to collect all debts, and sell all remaining drugs then flee the campus. They did this quickly, and with haste. Except for one man who owed them over $100,000, Jay Kenney.

Jay Kenney (aka JK) could not afford to pay them his debts. The CCG had helped him pay part of his college tuition, and he planned to pay them back after he graduated.

They couldn’t wait however, they needed to escape the campus, and possibly country quickly. They wouldn’t let JK not pay his debts though so they came up with another way for him to pay.

By the time they were done with everyone except for JK VeriXon had heard rumors that the CCG had resurfaced, and hired private detectives to spy at people around the school. Wallace knew it was only a matter of time before he was discovered.

So Wallace had to create a diversion so that the CCG could escape. The diversion was a small terrorist attack against the school that he forced JK to carry out under threat of his life.

JK never wanted to do it, but if he did not attack the school the CCG would kill him. So Wallace gave JK a gun, and a target. JK’s job was to shoot Mr Quattrone, not murder, just wing him.Little did JK know that while he was on the move to his target Wallace was stuffing his apartment with drugs, and money.

So JK reached Mr Quattrone’s class room, and aimed right at his foot, and pulled the trigger. The bullet then went right into Mr Quattrone’s foot, but unfortunately the bullet ricocheted of the floor and got Mr Quattrone in the head.

Mr Quattrone died, and the police arrested JK who stayed at the scene trying to revive Mr Quattrone. Then the police raided his apartment, and found the psychedelics, and money. The 4 lackeys of the CCG fled the campus while JK was on trial, and those 4 were immediately suspected to be the last remaining members of the CCG along with JK.

That allowed Wallace, Bruce Chains, and V to stay, and finish their last years at VeriXon untouched. Each of them also had $50,000 cash after they sold the last of the drugs, and collected the debts.

JK was soon gave the nickname “JK Debt” because he committed his crime because of gang debt. He was found guilty in his trial, and was sentenced to 25 to life in the brand-new maximum security prison Lustershire Detention Center.

3 of the 4 lackeys were found, convicted, and sentenced to 10-30 years in prison. All 3 were murdered in prison. The last lackey is the one who is suspected to have orchestrated the murders of the other 3 because they knew his real name, and location. He took no chances, and didn’t want the possibility of them snitching for a reduced sentence.

The last lackey was known by the other 3 as being clumsy, cocky, and arrogant. He was known by the name El Señor Cocaína. He soon restarted the CCG (even though he was a last second member of the original CCG and had little to no experience) in an unknown location. All that is known is that because of his stupidity, clumsiness, and arrogance others control, and manage his gang for him, but let him think he has control. He’s a puppet for an unknown puppet master.

Wallace W. Wahlberg incorporated his knowledge of drugs into his company UnitGrape after he graduated VeriXon. He created a highly addictive Grape Juice, and right before the CIA concluded their investigation of his company confirming his Grape juice was laced with psychedelic drugs he secured $130 Million, and fled the USA, and headed to Peru.

Bruce Chains left college 2 years early to “find himself” in India. He soon grew to love the country, and joined the Indian Parliament. He lives lavishly in India because of his wise investments from the last year he was in college. He invested all $50,000 in many penny stocks which all skyrocketed giving him $500,000 to take with him to India.

V fell into Cyberterrorism. She stole over $85 million from several banks, then bought a small cargo ship, guns, and a crew of 10 people. Then with her remaining $60 Million USD went to Somalia where she became the country’s biggest Pirate. She conquered a great deal of the country and is now known as the “Queen of the Somalians” giving them some form of government. Surprisingly he part of Somalia (known as Vomalia) now thrives economically, and may soon become it’s own country.

Now it’s the year 2025. JK Debt just got out of prison on parole after 25 years, the new CCG (now 5 years old) is a major drug organization in an unknown location. Wallace is in Peru, Bruce is in Indian Parliament, V is a Queen. Lustershire Detention Center just turned 25, and now hosts some of the worlds most dangerous, and weirdest criminals. And the great VeriXon University is still thriving.

JK Debt spent his entirety in Lustershire working online journalism freelance. He even won an award for his freelance journalism. By the time he left Lustershire he had started his own online news source QuicNews. QuicNews was 10 Years old by the time he was released, and had made him a total $5 Million.

When JK Debt got out of prison he invested his money in a building for QuicNews, and hired himself several young writers. And soon QuicNews started to grow rapidly.

What was not known to the writers, or the millions of people using QuicNews was that QuicNews was a scheme. JK Debt was using QuicNews to generate money to his revenge plan to destroy Wallace W. Wahlberg, Bruce Chains, and V, the three old CCG Leaders.

His revenge plan soon changed, and became a full-fledged secret police force dedicated to hunting down, and killing the three old CCG leaders. Along the way they also helped preserve good, prevent bad, and fought the new CCG (Which under El Señor Cocaína now meant “Cool Cocaína’s Gang” because he was very stupid, and had to have his name in the title, was very arrogant and believed he needed to have his name in the title, and the name clumsily gave away the identity of the gangs leader. Him.).

JK’s secret police for the “Hakessers” are new to this world, and have a mission.

This is Story #1, #2 is coming soon.

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