Lichen Poem: The Gunshot

The Gunshot

The dog was eating his food

The kids were watching a movie

The sun slid down the earth

The world was quite

They all lay in their cabin

Hidden in the thick woods

Then there was a gunshot in the house

They all were startled and frozen

Then the father yelled

“Go up stairs now children!”

“Honey run with them, protect them!”

The husband then grabbed his gun

The dads old gun was fully loaded

The little girl cried

The boy clutched his own gun

The mother had a look of terror

The sound was in the house

Though no piece of the home was damaged

Then the wife grabbed a cigarette and said in a scared voice

“Where’s my lighter”

The dad had started a fire earlier

The boy knew this, and knew her lighter was used to start it

He approached the fireplace to see the lighter was gone

All that was there was melted plastic

The lighter on the fire had exploded

They all got worked up for nothing

They were ignorant in a sense

But prepared in another

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