Lustershire: Hakesser Agents VS The CCG (#2)

Immediately after QuicNews’ headquarters was set up, and JK Debt had established his first Hakesser legion (a Hakesser legion is 10 Agents, 1 Spy, 3 Class A Agents (Cag’s), and 1 Leader) JK already knew his target.

Lustershire Detention Center: CCG’s drug ring. Lustershire is no longer the true “maximum security prison” it used to be. Warden Ed died last year, and it is widely believed that the new Warden, Warden Ick is corrupt, and in the pocket of the CCG.

Since the new Warden took over there has been a sudden increase of drugs in the area, and more, and more convicted CCG members have been ending up in Lustershire. The drugs could be a cause of the Lustershire City lumber mill shutdown which caused a majority of the city to lose their jobs. Maybe they’re using drugs because of that, but JK needed to know if there was any chance CCG could be in Lustershire so he sent his men anyways.

And their goal was to completely wipe out any CCG gang inside Lustershire.

So JK had to figure out a way to get his legion of 15 men into Lustershire. The answer was very simple however: have the 15 men check into the mental ward of Lustershire Detention Center, then have them all attack at once starting a riot getting them transferred to the Prison sector. Then when the mission is done the legion finds a way to break out.

JK’s plan worked perfectly, and within 24 hours all his men were checked into the mental ward. Then on the second day in the ward, at lunch time the Legion Leader Jak got up and punched a guard. As the guards tried to detain him he fought back, and all the 14 others started fighting the guards.

Before they knew it the room was filled with tear gas, and the men all woke up in the Hole. The Hole wasn’t big enough for all 15 men so just 5 were sent to it. The other 10 were sent to the yard. Unfortunately luck was not on the legions side, the 10 men sent to the yard were each Agents. No spy, no Cag’s, and no leader.

With no form of leadership the Agents were not at their best, and the other 5 would not be out of the hole for at least a week. They first considered waiting, but then they got the news less than 3 hours after they were sent to the yard.

They had 5 days until they had a court hearing. Where they would most likely be found guilty, and taken away from Lustershire. So with no leadership the Agents had to find out if CCG had corrupted the Warden, Ick, and if so they had to destroy the CCG inside of Lustershire, then they have to break themselves, and the other 5 out of the Hole. They had to do all of this within the next 5 days.

Day 1

The agents appointed a new temporary leader. Her name was Liv, she was smart, and had an associates degree from VeriXon University. Along with that she has experience in karate, and weapon crafting. By far Liv was the best choice for a Temp Leader.

The remaining legion of 10 each decided that they would have the 3 most social make what connections they can, the 3 strongest be bodyguards, and the 3 smartest spy around the prison listening, and looking for any CCG. While Liv stayed with the bodyguards under special protection, and extra help.

By the time it was 11 AM lunch time the 3 men had already made connections with some powerful inmates, but none of them were able to get any information about any CCG Lackey’s in Lustershire.

2 of the spies got nothing, but the spy that did get information got some of the best information the legion would receive. The spy named Leo La Lucas overheard two CCG members talking, he could not confirm if there was a whole gang in the prison, but when he followed them he noticed that the two men met up with 5 others.

That’s when he noticed it! Each one of the seven men wore brown shoes, different from the black shoes the rest of the prisoners wore. The shoes were so dark brown that you had to be close to see they weren’t black. Then Leo continued his eavesdropping on the Brown-shoed men.

He did not hear much, just the lunch bell go off. And here he is now. Reporting the information he gathered to Liv, and the other 8 agents.

Liv saw an opportunity and chose one of the 3 social men to infiltrate the brown-shoed men. She chose Charcoal Charlie, he was very social. Infact Charcoal Charlie is his nickname because it must take fuel (charcoal) to allow someone to talk as much as he does.

After lunch they all were sent to their cells for the rest of the day, but they knew their missions for tomorrow.

Day 2

Charcoal Charlie had no idea where the brown-shoed men may be meeting. All he know was that they were brown-shoed, so he kept his head down looking for shoes that were brown, and not black.

By the time it was 9 AM Charcoal Charlie had been searching for four hours. He was already very tired from having to get up at 5 AM, and he’s been walking for 4 hours with his head down since he woke up. His neck was hurting, and he was getting no where.

Then he brought his head up, and he saw Leo, and Liv talking. Charlie was very off-put by the amount of alertness the guards had. Wondering what had happened he walked up, and asked them what happened.

Charlie: Liv, Leo? Is there a problem?

Leo: Agent Garrison who was given the job of socialization was beaten within an inch of his life.

Liv: It was obviously CCG. They must be here, and trying to give us a warning…

Leo: we don’t know that, Agent Garrison could have just made the wrong connections.

Liv: Charlie did you find anyone yet? Why are you here?

Charlie: I can find any brown-shoes, I was coming over to ask If either of you know where they are.

Leo: I’m not sure…

Liv: Me neither… say Charlie?… did you by any chance tell someone about us searching for CCG?

Charlie: No!

Liv: Ok, that’s what I thought. Why don’t you try to go find the brown-shoes. We’ll contact you if we find them.

Charlie Walks away…

Liv: I don’t believe we can trust Charcoal Charlie.

Leo: If you believe so then I will agree, but I must say I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t.

Liv: Someone talked, someone got Garrison killed.

Liv, and her 3 bodyguards walk away.

By 11 AM Charlie hasn’t found any brown-shoed men. He’s about to give his theory to Liv that he believes the men may have changed back to black shows if they hear about how we were looking for CCG Lackey’s. Liv, leo, charlie, and the other 6 Agents sit at the table, and suddenly a guard walks up to the table.

Guard: We need one of you to examine a body

Then Liv got up, and went with the guard without saying a word

About 20 minutes later Liv arrived when there was just 10 minutes left of lunch before they are all sent back to their rooms. She appears to be in shock.

Liv: While Garrison was in the infirmary after he was beaten someone snuck in and carved “CCG” into each one of his arms, and legs. There were no doctors around, or nurses. He bled to death.

Leo: If all they did was carve into his arms, and lega than why did they need you to identify the body.

Liv: They never got his name, because he couldn’t speak after the beating. Camera footage shows that he knew us, so they asked me.

Then lunch was quiet. We all knew that this meant that CCG was here. And a team member had died. I wonder if they were wondering what they signed up for when they agreed to be Hakessers.

Day 3

Liv was very alert. She knew that CCG was here, and she met up with her bodyguards the first chance she got. Immediately after the guards surrounded her she went to the prison computers, and let JK Debt know everything that had happened.

It was barely 10 minutes before JK Debt responded to the email with a very clear message.

You have today, tomorrow, and the day after to destroy the CCG. Don’t worry about the five in the Hole. I’ve recruited 10 more people while you’ve been gone, it will be a whole legion by the day after tomorrow. PS I’m very proud of you for stepping up, and taking control, and I’m very proud of my legion for being so smart, and responsible.

-JK Debt

That email gave her confidence, and she then went out to the yard to try, and figure out a plan.

When she reached the yard she saw something she did not think she would see. 1 in 10 people were wearing brown shoes. I guess that after the attack the day before they believed they had nothing to fear.

4,000 of the worlds most dangerous, and Weirdest prisoners live in Lustershire. 400 of them are part of CCG. How was Liv going to destroy a group of 400 people in 2-3 days?

Take out the leader, and the rest will fall. A leader has a way of making themself different from their lackeys, and all Liv had to do is find out what.

She then had her bodyguards go out, and bring her everyone of her agents. Before they left though she whispered something in each of their ears…

It was 8 AM when her bodyguards came back with the 4 other agents.

Liv: Ok… now….

Immediately the two biggest of the bodyguards grabbed Charcoal Charlie. Each one grabbed an arm of his.

Liv: Charlie I know that they killed Garrison because you snitched to CCG. Why did you do it? Did you do it to save yourself?

Then the third guard punched Charlie in the Stomach.

Charlie: I don’t know what you mean!?!

Charlie really didn’t know what she meant. He never snitched. But someone did.

Liv: Take him away men!

Then the two bodyguards dragged Charlie away, as the third one followed.

Liv: I know that to the seven of you what I just did doesn’t make sense, but believe me Charlie was a snitch, and cost a man his life.

No one argued with Liv, it seemed as if they now feared her. They weren’t the only ones either. Bystanders who watched the event happen also now feared her.

Liv then explained that all 8 of the remaining Legion needed to find someone that was not like any of the other CCG lackeys, and they needed to find him now, and meet back in that exact location (next to the prison water tower) in two hours at 10 AM

Two Hours Passed…

Liv was unsuccessful, and walking back to the water tower, yet she only counted 4 people. Her bodyguards were missing!

Liv: Where are the bodyguards!?! Did CCG get them!?!

Leo: Quiet Liv! I’m sorry to be disrespectful to my superior, but we need to move now!

Leo, and the other 3 then started climbing up the water towers series of stairs, and ladders with Liv close behind. They climbed until they were 50 Feet in the air, on the small walkway on the small water tower.

Leo: On the side of the tower that faces the prison wall you’ll see a door go through it Liv, I’ll wait here.

Liv proceeded to go to the side of the tower that faces the wall, and she found the door, opened it, and went inside the water tower.

Liv: Shouldn’t there be water here? What is this? Where’s the water?

Man: There never was any

Liv then looked towards the unfamiliar voice, and saw a man tied to a chair, with her three bodyguards surrounding him.

Liv: What’s this?

Man: I’m Veratine. Leader of the Lustershire CCG chapter.

Liv: Are you know?

Man: So from what I’ve heard you want me to disband the Lustershire chapter?

Liv: Let’s discuss how we can get this whole thing disbanded, we can make it worth your time.

Veratine: I know that your going to escape soon, or at least try to. When you do take me with you, if you do I’ll disband the Chapter. Or you can kill me, and spend the rest of your lives looking for the second in command who will take over immediatelyfter my death if I don’t disband now.

Liv then got a scared look on her face. She needed to have the Lustershire Chapter disbanded, but she couldn’t let Veratine escape. And even if she did let him break out the CCG will just have a new chapter made.

Liv: Bodyguards break his legs.

Then the two big bodyguards grabbed his legs held them out, and kicked down right on his kneecaps.

Veratine: Ahh!!!

Liv: You two, grab his arms and hold them out.

The bodyguards listened, and did it hastily.

Liv: Veratine. Before I decide if I should break your arm tell me all you know.

Veratine: Yes!!! The CCG assassinated Warden Ed, and had him replaced with Warden Ick. We have at least 15 men who have sentences less than a week sent here every week. The Warden takes a bag of psychedelics from each one of them when they get here, then give them back to them when they leave. The men then sell the drugs, and ship 10% of the profit to the warden, and 80% back to El Señor Cocaína the CCG leader.

Liv wasn’t the Leader of the Legion, but she did know that no one knew where the CCG headquarters were, or where El Señor Cocaína was.

Liv: Where is the CCG Headquarters!!!

Veratine at this time was crying.

Veratine: *Sniveling* I don’t know…

Liv at this point had lost all mercy… she was overcome with ruthlessness.

Liv: Bodyguards, I know how we can end the CCG here at Lustershire. We need to make a brutal example, and show the CCG who us the Hakessers are. Let them know to fear us, and let them know that Lustershire is ours now. Let’s avenge Garrison. Kill this man.

Veratine: No! Please! Let me live!

Liv: The CCG will never leave this prison unless they are forced out of it. I’m sorry Veratine, but we need to let them know that their actions now have consequences.

The bodyguards then tied a rope around Veratine’s waist, and then tied the opposite part of the rope to the towers railing. The third weakest bodyguard then climbed down the 50 foot series of ladders, and stairs.

Veratine: Your good, and loyal men, but you don’t need to throw me of this tower. In the CCG I can make sure your more than just bodyguards.

The bodyguards ignored him, and soon the weak one had made his way down the ladders, and stairs. The other two were just about to throw Veratine down.

Veratine at this point stopped crying, and accepted his fate. Then the two bodyguards grabbed him, and threw him over.

To Veratines surprise the fall stopped after 5, or 10 feet. He had merely dislocated his back. I say merely because that’s nothing compared to a 50 foot fall to your death.

The bodyguards didn’t let the rope fall all the way, because they had worse plans for Veratine. They slowly hoised him down 45 fee. There he hung 5 feet of the ground.

By the time Veratine had reached his stopping point a crowd had gathered, and Liv was waiting with the second bodyguard at the bottom, as well was Leo.

Liv: Are you not the CCG!?!…

Liv: Is this man your leader!?!…

Then the other 3 agents rushed to group up with Liv.

Liv: We are the Hakessers, and we had a message!

Leo: Leave Lustershire!!!

Liv: What is about to happen to this man will happen to all CCG Lackeys if you do not disband, and never regroup.

Leo then pulled out a gun.

2 hours earlier Liv had told all the Agents to go look for the Leader of the Lustershire CCG Lackey’s. She didn’t know that all it took was 10 minutes before Leo had located him.

In the other hour, and 50 minutes Leo had contacted JK Debt, and told him about how they now had the Leader. Leo also put emphasis on Garrisons death, which saddened JK.

Jk by this time had acquired another Legion, who he sent to Warden Ick. This Legion paid of 5 Lustershire guards, and the Wardens two personal Guards.

The Second Legion assassinated Warden Ick. Then JK alerted the City Of Lustershire, and told them him, and the warden were close friends, and he had heard that he died.

JK then proceeded told the Mayor he knew a young buisness major right out of college who could take the Warden Position immediately. The Mayor accepted the offer, and JK’s Warden started work an hour later.

This Warden was a buisness major right out of college, and he also was the leader of the second legion. Who now had control over all of Lustershire Detention Center.

The New Warden, Warden Joel Abbott then gave Leo a gun for protection. And here we are now, at the Water tower.

Liv: *Whispers to Leo* You have a gun!?! I was going to have the bodyguard just smack him around, and break his arms!

Leo: *Whispers Back* JK got his second legion to infiltrate Lustershire. Now he wants this man dead… for Garrison.

Veratine: Garrison? *Veratine then starts laughing*.

Liv took offense at the laugh, grabbed Leo’s gun, and shot Veratine in the stomach.

Veratine: Ahh!!! I’m going to die!

Liv: Don’t laugh at a man death!

Leo: You bodyguard! Break his arms!

Veratine: Wait! Let me have some last words…

Liv then nodded, and signaled the weakest bodyguard to momentarily back off.

Veratine: Garrison was converted to the CCG within his first day here at Lustershire. He told us all about you Hakessers, and JK Debt. *Coughing* He thought that snitching on you would get him into the CCG. But no… we would never take in a snitch. He was a traitor to you Hakessers, and wasn’t welcome into the CCG. And I killed him myself.

Liv: Charcoal Charlie… he’s dead.

Weak Bodyguard: No he isn’t. We beat him up very good, and he was transferred to another prison somewhere with a better hospital. We don’t know where though…

Leo: He might spend the rest of his life in a prison somewhere because of us blaming him for snitching.

Veratine then laughed, coughed, and died.

Warden Joel then showed up with 20 Lustershire guards.

Warden Joel: Alright everyone back to their cells!… Accept for you two on the water tower, and you six here, I want them all taken to my office now!!!

The two bodyguards then came of the water tower, and when they were down over ten guards grabbed each Hakesser, and brought them to Warden Joel’s office.

Warden Joel: Long story short: Us Hakessers now control Lustershire. We have power over all 4,000 inmates, and all 400 guards. Lustershire City barely has a population of 1,000 outside this prison, and we employ 400 of those 1,000 people. Ladies and gentlemen: the Hakessers are now the most powerful group at Lustershire prison, City, and County. Also your all free to go.

Leo: Won’t people know if we just walk out illegally? Maybe we should just break out like we were planning to in the first place, so that no one can say you just let us out.

Warden Joel: Before Warden Ick was assassinated he told me all about the 10 drug mules who came down here each week. They didn’t break out, they were just released by the Warden, Ick. I don’t think anyone will notice if you right just walk out of here.

Liv: Sir we thought that one of our agents, Charcoal Charlie was a snitch, so we had him beaten out of anger, and he was transferred to another Prison. Turns out another man was the snitch… can you help us find Charlie?

Warden Joel: I wouldn’t know where he was transferred. Warden Ick never kept any documentation of anything. I’m sorry.

At this point the ruthlessness in Liv had left completely. She started to cry st the thought that she had ruined a mans life.

Leo: Liv don’t be sad. Sure we lost Charlie, and Garrison… but now the Hakessers control Lustershire. We succeeded with only two casualties.

This did not make Liv happy, but she knew there was nothing she could do. She would just have to live with the fact that she ruined a nice, loyal man’s life.

Liv: Maybe someday he will return to our base underneath QuicNews, and I’ll get to apologize.

Leo: Maybe someday.

All eight of the Hakesser agents then left. When they reached the lobby they saw their Leader, Spy, and the three Cag’s waiting. On their way back to the underbelly of QuicNews’ building the eight remaining told the other five everything.

JK replaced Charlie, and Garrison. Liv, Leo, and the three Bodyguards returned to being normal agents, and the entire Legion was paid handsomely, then given time to rest until they were needed again.

Charcoal Charlie P1

One Month Later At Lustershire Detention Center…

Warden Joel: Line Up! Its role call time!

About fifteen to twenty prisoners line up.

Warden Joel: So your our new inmates, right!?!

Doctor: Warden! These are not inmates! They are the new patients. For the mental ward on the left wing of the prison.

Warden Joel: Sorry, I was not informed. I thought these guys were dangerous criminals.

Doctor: My name is Doctor Pinto Warden.

Warden Joel: Well nice to meet you Doctor Pinto.

Doctor Pinto: The one good thing that last Warden did was let me set up a new sector of the mental hospital for a different type of Mental patient. All the others were so afraid.

Warden Joel: What do you mean by “different type of Mental patient”?

Doctor Pinto: The only mental ward we have now is for patients with smaller mental problems like Depression, this new sector is for the criminally insane.

Warden Joel: So all fifteen to twenty of these men is criminally insane?

Doctor Pinto: Yes, and I believe the criminally insane are quicker to cure than other types of mental patients. *Happily* So now we can help more people! Go ahead warden treat them like you would any other patient for the mental ward.

Warden Joel generally would ask a mental patient their name, and then hug them to let them know they were safe in his prison Unlike with Warden Ick. However with the new criminally insane patients he asked them their name, then kept a distance from them. Obviously these patients scared Warden Joel.

Warden Joel: What’s your name young man?

Patient 1: Adam Scottsworth

Warden Joel: Ok, great. Now what’s your name young man?

Patient 2: My name is Chuck. My friends used to call me Charlie though.

Warden Joel: That wouldn’t be Charcoal Charlie would it?

Chuck: *In a scared voice* No sir.

Warden Joel: Ok. Moving on. What’s your name young woman.

As the Warden moved on young Chuck was scared. At one point he was called Charcoal Charlie, but after he got beaten up by Liv’s bodyguards he believed that JK wanted the Hakessers to kill him. So now when anyone calls him Charcoal Charlie he declines, out of fear that a Hakesser is trying to hurt him.

So when the Warden asked if he was Charcoal Charlie, Chuck knew that he was a Hakesser. Wondering how Chuck ended up in the criminally insane ward?

One month earlier.

Charlie has just been beaten near to death by liv’s bodyguards. Then they drag him to the prison emergency medical center in the yard, and drop him off.

Immediately the Medical Doctor calls an ambulance which takes Charlie to the Lustershire City Hospital. In the hospital Charlie is put under a medically induced coma.

He has sustained near-fatal head injuries, and can’t breath on his own, without life-support.

2 Weeks Later.

Charlie has had two surgeries by now, one of them was an emergency surgery. He had nearly died several times, the doctor is considering pulling the plug. Unfortunately he can’t because he would need a family members consent. Charlie doesn’t have a family though.

His family was killed by the CCG less than a week before he decided to join the Hakessers, though he kept that part of his life private.

Then suddenly, and miraculously started breathing on his own. Hyperventilating actually, like he was about to be murdered. Though in his mind that the last thing he remembers.

One week later…

By now Charlie is up, and breathing. He is almost perfectly fine, except… the attack from the bodyguards greatly damaged his mind. His Brain Stem was greatly severed resulting in multiple personality disorder.

The doctor sent him to the psychiatrist of the hospital who diagnosed him, and the psychiatrist told Charlie he wanted to send him to Lustershire.

Charlie was afraid the Hakessers of Lustershire would get him though, and that’s when his second, and only personality came out. It was a personality that appeared to be protective of Charlie. This new personality was formed to keep Charlie safe, and protect him from all danger, at all costs.

When he heard he might get sent to Lustershire the new personality tried to protect Charlie, it came to the surface, and attacked the psychiatrist.

This only made things worse as the psychiatrist then diagnosed Charlie as Criminally insane, with multiple personality disorder. Charlie was then sent to the new Lustershire Criminally insane ward.

He was going to tell Doctor Pinto about the Hakessers, but now he couldn’t. Because when that Warden asked if he was Charcoal Charlie, he knew that Warden was a Hakesser.

It all made sense now. Now Chuck (who was once Charlie) knows why there is a new Warden. Now Chuck knows that the prison is under JK’s control. Now Chuck needs to find a way to break out of the Criminally insane ward, and then Chuck needs to get his revenge on Liv.

Liv: the lady who ruined his chances with the Hakesser in the first place. Liv: the lady who is the reason he cannot avenge his family. Without the Hakessers Chuck now cannot help destroy the CCG, which once destroyed him.

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