Lichen Poem: Desire Of The People Is Brutal

Desire Of The People Is Brutal By Caden738

How many today will die

So many planes… they fall from the sky

Caused by the whore named “Desire”

She seduces, and brings out people’s fire

Disguised as a lady, so respectful and wise

When will the people see through her disguise

She forces them to cause chaos as a pack…

They do what she says from “Pillage”, to “Attack!”

She is Desire she is loved by man

Though that does not mean she is kept from the women

Desire comes as a Lady, a man, or a car

Everyone has experienced her and been burnt to a char

There is no match for Desires Brutality

They all change to her formality

Strange. The people are the lives she’s ruined

Though they don’t see it that way.

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