New Series: The 10 Dogs

Hello, I’m caden738. Im not gonna BS you, today was an epic day. I received some new followers, a couple likes, and massive traffic. If you read the post on my blog labeled “Message: The Stall Of A Series” then you may be wondering why less than 10 hours later I’m installing a new series.

Its complicated, but this new series is only going to last 10 parts.

The New Series?

The New Series is Titled “The 10 Dogs”. That’s pretty explainitory, but please allow me to explain deeper.

I’m an animal owner, and in my time owning Animals I have owned, and I still own a couple of them, but they total to 10 Major Dogs who were a part of my life, and some still are. The list is down below.

  • Piggy
  • Koda
  • Oscar
  • Oscar Jr
  • Jasper
  • Atticus
  • Cabela
  • Rosa
  • Noah
  • Roxy

I will write a post about each one of them. It’s going to give you an insight into each dogs personality, and how much I love them.

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