Lichen Poem: Photo In The Snow

Photo In The Snow By Caden738

It’s dark, and the snow just quit fallin’

I heard my siss, and her BFF callin’

They wanted a picture, and it “needs to be perfect”

So I shot ’em in photograph form…

For some reason it was fun, and The photo was nice

I had fun takin’ that photo in the ice

Small town, ain’t much to do

I spend my days watchin’ the roosters crow

And hearin’ the cows go “moo”

That photo was different

It made me able to catch the world in my hands

A new chapter in life opened that day

I started photographin’

I got dogs while they play, and sheep while they lay

Brightness. Happiness. Joy, hope, and dreams.

All captured for-ever on my little camera streams

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