QuicNews: Did Grandma Really Get Run Over By A Reindeer? Lawsuit Ensuing

This Wednesday the musical group “Elmo & Patsy” received a lawsuit from a man named Chuck Greenberg. Chuck Greenberg says that the famous Christmas Song “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” is based off of true occurrences with his grandmother.

In the song a “Grandma Has too much eggnog (Shes Drunk!)”, and gets gruesomely murdered by the pet reindeer, of that guy who sneaks into houses through the chimneys. Aka that weirdo at the mall who likes holding kids for some reason. However Mr. Greenberg has another story to tell.

Chuck Greenbergs Testimony

My Grandpa Judd, and my Grandmother Gladice were put at the zoo, petting reindeer. My grandmother was a drunk, and tried to climb into the cage, and ride the reindeer. Things went to far when her bourbon, and her Marijuana intertwined. *Sniveling* She began to think she was a veterinarian. *Crying* the reindeer kicked her in the head, and killed her when she was trying to give him a prostate exam…

So far no other information about the case has been leaked, though it is rumored that “Elmo & Patsy” may be dead. We emailed them earlier today, and are awaiting an answer from the couple.

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