Lichen Story: Just Wait A Minute

It was 2:28 PM. I was set to leave my class at 2:30. Me, and my dad had a nice day planned where I would leave school early, and we would go do something fun. In two minutes I would get to leave class. That first minute was rough, long, and boring. Then when it finally passed, and it was 2:29 PM I figured my teacher wouldn’t notice the clock, so I raised my hand and asked if I could go to the office now. He however did notice the clock, and said “Just wait a minute”.

The clock struck thirty after two quicker that time, for some reason. I then headed to the office, and on my way there received a text from my dad which read

“5 minutes away from the school. And have the school call your cousin over, he’s coming with us”

I had a brotherly love for my cousin. He was–quite frankly–a Jack*ss, but he was the closest thing to a brother I ever had. I was happy to hear that he was coming with us. So I rushed to the office.

Once I walked through the office door I saw Mrs. Hoover-Dawn watching a video on her computer. I asked her to call my cousin over, because he would be coming with us on our tri– “Just wait a minute” she said interrupting me. This was not literal like my Teachers words, this was just an expression to her. So about two minutes passed, my dad was 3 minutes away, and she called my cousin over.

About 2 seconds later I heard a sound in the sky… it was as if giant hands in the sky were hitting flint, with Steel. I saw my cousin outside looking up, at the sky. He was amazed. I knew something was up to I opened up the door, and yelled “Get inside”. He stated there watching though, and then yelled “Cool It! Just wat a minute!”

Then my dad pulled up, and I was still feeling frightened from the sound I heard. I knew though that the building–or at least I believed–the building would keep me safe. I yelled at my dad “Hurry, Quick, Inside! Now!” For some reason I could not construct a real sentence, just that.

He too stared at the sky, and yelled to me “Give me a minute–just wait a minute”. I didn’t even notice if anyone inside the office was afraid, or scared. All I saw was my dad, and cousin run. Just as my dad reached the sidewalk next to the office, and my cousins hand inched closer to the handle to the door that could have kept him safe inside all went red.

I’ve been in this hospital bed for an hour now. All I know is that we were bombed several times throughout the country… no one knows yet who did it, and I was terrified. Mydad, and cousin were both dead… the office building provided me with just enough shelter to survive the small bomb.

The terror grew inside me, and I felt a sense of doom… my arm went numb… “Help! Help! Help me please…!” The nurse simply then said “Don’t worry, nothing wrong it’s just a hallucination of the drugs. Just wait a minute, dear…” I knew this was no hallucination, it was real. I was shaking on my hospital bed, when I rolled on the remote, and I heard a segment of a Presidential speech.

We do not know who did this! But we will find out, and we will get our revenge! Just please wait a mina….. o…o–or…t…two…..

As you can see things started slowing down. Getting darker. I then died. The last words ever said to me by machine were “Just wait a minute”. The last words said my man, or in this case women were also “Just wait a minute”. If my dad had listened, and hurried up a minute he would have made it in the building, and survived… same goes for my cousin…

“Just Wait A Minute” By Caden738

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