Lichen Poem: Bumper Sticker

Bumper Sticker By Caden738

When I was a boy

I was given a car

It filled me with joy

But didn’t go far

It crashed, and burned

Oh boy my lesson was learned

I lost the road for some time

But now its 15 years later

I thought it was gone

But sitting in front of me on the interstate

Is that red 1970s mustang

I can tell, yes I can

How you might ask?

Well when I turned 16

I got my mustang

And on that machine

There were words that rang

On the bumper sticker

I hand-made myself, and it read…

“Never complain nor bicker

Always be right in the head

And always have a good time

Don’t be cheap, go ahead ‘n spend a good dime

Because these are great times

In The USA”

That car, and I lived our prime

When God did shine

And we tried hard, and climbed

We all enjoyed a good wine

Straight from the vine

We had manners, and dined

We didn’t throw ’round the word “swine”

That time was yours… and mine

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