Lichen Poem: Today I Buried A Burglar

Today I buried A Man by Caden738 (This poem is completely false, and not based on any true occurrences)

It was night time’s noon, below earths moon

My wife heard a creek, my wife heard a crack

She then woke me up with a smack, and sent me off into midnight’s black

Sure as a wall, real as all, I saw a man inside my hall

Quick on my feet–I attack–so I can defeat, that maniac

The man had a gun, his finger grazed the trigger, and I fought back with all my vigor

Then suddenly, I heard a bang, and immediately away I sprang

As you can guess, the man was shot. Save his life? I think not.

Then below the night moonlit, to confirm he was dead, make sure his death was legit

I shot him again, and again, and then that’s when

I loaded him up, into my car, and drove is lifeless body far

Was not until 3, when we did reach Mount Lee, where I deeply buried his body

Then with no regrets–none–I disposed of the gun

T’was the night I killed a burglar

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