Lichen Poem: Goodbye Young

Goodbye Young by Caden738

A dandelion killed in the midst of spring

To give joy only its death can bring

For the sick, and the twisted that heil the dark “king”

All marked by the unholy ring

Then their were bodies desecrated

Just as the “king” wanted, and dictated

And a false evil “cure” was created

Using this lie gullible audiences were captivated

While the True Kings true legion was aggravated

Then many of the True legion was hated

Trying to fight for the innocent who were terminated

While the bad ones deathly deeds only accelerated

The death toll cannot be estimated

The war still fought left many devastated

The bad ones body count accumulated

And the earth is being de-populated

Some have found they were manipulated

But many still choose to stay uneducated

Never learning of all the lives obliterated

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