Lichen Poem: The Man Who Grabbed The Lady

The Man Who Grabbed The Lady by Caden738

I picked him up

From a yellow house that seemed shady

He ran to the car, and in a scared daze spilled a cup

That when he told me about the lady

Who was grabbed, and hurt by a man

The man was a dad

The father of the one he was here seeing

He said the man threw a fit

And the women he did hit

Then he told my son

That he better tell no one

Or else he would harm him too

I quickly called the cops

But their reaction was delayed

As the Kent police waited days

They showed up much too late

3 long days after the fact

The man had shown the boy, and mother their fate

And up in a bag they were hacked

That story is true

And you will hope it isnt you

That relies on the Kent Police of Washington

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