HS1DAY: 14/06/2019

This blog post is about Friday, June 14th, 2019: I spent most of this day in bed, quite honestly. It wasn’t the best day, but it was my day.

I did some things though:

  • I ended a three day water fast, by eating a Coffee Cake Muffin, and drinking a Red Bull
  • I hung out with my dogs: Piggy, roxy, & of course Koda Bear.

I truly love my dogs. It’s hard to sleep without a dog in my bed. That’s actually why I’m writing this now.

Let me rewind:

Olmpia, Wa

That’s the name of the city I’m in. I live in Bonney lake, Washington. But we came out here for my dads, girlfriends, daughters baseball game. Her name is Hannah.

Anyways I’m laying in bed right now, its 1:22 AM Saturday June 15th technically.

I just cannot sleep without my dogs.

Anyways that’s my day!

HS1DAY: His Story 1 Day At A Time. Thank God for all my viewers & Subscribers! I just hit 40 Subs, thank you all!


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