Lichen Poem: Quin & Alice: Unloyal

Wives & Husbands: Unloyal Habits

A man named Quin, from Kentucky

A women named Alice, from Milwaukee

Meet each other at a little hotel

Quin straight from a prison cell

Alice on a buisness trip

Both with a loyal spouse

Waiting for them happily at their house

Yet both making a grave mistake

Caused by high alcohol intake

Making love in a room

Paid for by Alice’s future groom

Drinking drinks bought by Quin’s wife

Creating a secret they both dream to keep for life

But that dream was destroyed soon

When Quin’s wife smelt Alice’s perfume

On Quins suit

And Alice’s husband found Quins Boot

Accidentally packed in Alice’s bag

He divorced her, left her a hag

Quins wife left him, leaving him homeless

I guess this world is just fair sometimes

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