HS1DAY: 15/06/2019

This Blog Post is about Saturday, June 7th, of the year 2019:

I hate sleeping in… I wake up with a headache, and a feel like crap… and today I woke up at 10 AM. Which is Way to late if you ask me.

I went on a short 20 minute walk around our hotel. (Remember I’m in a hotel because of my dads, girlfriends, daughters baseball tournaments in Lacey, Washington).

I had my usual morning drink: Red Bull. Without the caffeine In the morning I Experience crashes, so I need one every morning.

Today was a good day though. I expanded my old magazine collection! After her second game we went to an antique mall called “Lighthouse Antiques & Crafts” in Olympia. I got 2 MAD Magazines!

(Left: No. 213 | Right: No. 218) Are they in perfect condition? No. But a magazine is a magazine!

Collectors Info:

  • No. 218: October edition from 1980 in GREAT Condition
  • No. 213: March Edition from 1980, in OK Condition

Game Info

  • Game 1: She Lost… {She Was Moved Into A Lower Bracket In The Tournament}
  • Game 2: She Won!
  • Game 3: She Won!
  • Game 4: She Lost… {Her Team Was Disqualified From Competing In the rest of the tournament}

The Last Notes Of The Day

  • Most of my day I had this restless feeling in my left leg
  • I’ve prayed at least twice
  • I enjoyed today 🙂

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