Lichen Poem: Red Mouse

Red Mouse by Caden738

A Red Mouse lives in a White House, with her red family, Cooking a meal, whilst wearing her blue blouse.

Her name is Tarry, her husband is Barry, her son is Larry, and her daughter is Karry.

Barry wears his little mouse suit, and he works in a gun mill, that lays inside a boot, and produces guns that shoot

Larry wears a yellow baseball hat, and loves to play ball, getting joy from simply swinging his bat. When all his friends are busy, he plays with Gary, his cat.

Then theirs Karry, who wears a yellow summer dress, decorated with flowers, and portraits of towers. She always makes a mess with her hobbies, infact she has been banned from over 20 buisness lobbies for being too loud, and Cress.

Can you see them in your head? Do you see the mouse’s three? Do you get a feeling opposite of dread, a feeling of glee when you see the mouse’s three in your head? I do, and I do, I see them right now, they’re saying “Eek-how!” Remember their mice, they don’t speak people like us of the vice.

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