Lost Lichen Poem: Hollow Shadows

Hollow Shadows by Caden738

Hollow shadows you can see them creeping through the gallows

They whisper too you, and assure you, that your fears are true

They’re walking with you to the stand

Where the man who you will last stand before, stands

The shadows taunt you as you reach the man with the hidden face

The shadows reek of hatred, cry for revenge, and call out his name

“The Executioner”

They slowly start crying loud, and as the cryptic cries grew in sound, they began to run

You reach the mans hidden face, viewing up-close the fate you face

His voice is loud, tough, and proud, and echoes through his black shroud

As you approach the rope you feel cold, knowing what approaches, and facing it bold

As you climb the platform you start to tire, as your calmed by heavens choir

You stand on ground that will be taken from you soon

The rope gets tighter, and your life flashes like a lighter

You stand in front of a crowd, and the box is kicked, life is licked

You think your dying, your trying to keep alive, and wish to survive

Your trying–Then suddenly the rope is untying!

Your nightmare is unraveling, your mind has quit has traveling

Your back in your bed, relieved of said dread

And as you start to wake, you feel your heart lessen its quake

But then to your surprise

It’s been 3 days, yet no sunrise

Is this life just one of satan’s lies!

Was that rope your demise?

Your unsure, you don’t know

Then suddenly what do you hear?

What is this here?

No, it cannot be!

Shadows, ones of the type of Hallows, same ones I saw in the gallows…

This is a lost Lichen Poem.

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