A Random Rhyme 2: Lyle Got Style; The Caden738 Quintuplty: P2/5

So I grew up in Carmyle

A small city next to the river Nile

My best friend growing up was popular

His name was lyle

We were real close, like linked together, copular

And man did that kid have style

In a way that I can describe

He just had that kind of vibe

Well I’ve got to go now

Got to go milk the cow

But believe me I’ll be back

Like the terminator

Cause these rhymes I don’t lack

I’m harder to rid than a freighter, or an infestation of gators

The Caden738 Quintuplty: 5 Poems, Showing Poet Caden738’s Advanced Ppetry Skills, From Realism, To Fiction, And Even Useless Rhymes Such As In “A Random Rhyme 2: Lyle Got Style”.

The 5 Poems Of The Quintuplty:

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