Lichen Poem: All Around Me; The Caden738 Quintuplty: P1/5

All Around Me by Caden738

All around me shadows walk

Filling up my mind with ghoulish talk

Some are big, some are small

Some are quiet, some are loud

Some ashamed, others proud

I’ve met a man who once had life

He’s told me stories of his wife

I’ve met this very short lady

Told me about her son brady

These are the ones who are kind

They do not disrupt my mind

Then there’s the one who’s face is red

It takes over, and commands my head

Their’s one who does shriek

And makes the day very dark, and bleak

Some have treated me well

Others have put me through hell

At least I’m alive though here on Earth

Where I can physically dwell

The Caden738 Quintuplty: 5 Poems, Showing Poet Caden738’s Advanced Ppetry Skills, From Realism, To Fiction, And Even Useless Rhymes Such As In “A Random Rhyme 2: Lyle Got Style”.

The 5 Poems Of The Quintuplty:

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