Lichen Poem: Unreal Existence; The Caden738 Quintuplty: P5/5

Am I in a simulation

Am I attached to wires

In a strange technological location?

Is my body real?

Are pains true?

Why do I feel?

Maybe I’m a line of code

Living life in a machine

Something you can download

But probably no

Let’s just box up my woe

I’ll pretend it’s a dove at a wedding

I’ll just let it fly, let it go

The Caden738 Quintuplty: 5 Poems, Showing Poet Caden738’s Advanced Ppetry Skills, From Realism, To Fiction, And Even Useless Rhymes Such As In “A Random Rhyme 2: Lyle Got Style”.

The 5 Poems Of The Quintuplty:

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