Darkleigh’s Top 5 Most Popular Posts Of 2019 So Far

I’ve made some posts about lies, I’ve made some about betrayal, and life, fiction, and truth. While they may not have all been good some were, since as of yesterday I crossed the 1,000 View line I’ve decided to look back at my 5 Most Popular Posts.

1. Live & Let Fly

Date Posted: July 8th, 2019

Inspiration: The World, and its artistic people.

Personal Thoughts: This poem isn’t personal to me, yet it is important. Not because of it’s small popularity, but because of its message: Fly, And Soar, “Don’t Let Others Hold You Down”. That’s how I continued writing, even after I lost contests, and I was discouraged.

By: Caden738

Live and let fly

Don’t hold others down

Let them, and yourself soar through the sky

Like birds: from eagles to robins,

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2. Octay The Deceiver

Date Posted: July 8th, 2019

Inspiration: A family member of mine.

Personal Thoughts: This post was inspired by someone close to me. He is family, and I have grown to forgive him for the troubles he has caused, and he has drastically changed too, so that’s helped me forgive him… but he still–and possibly will forver–have that deceiving, lying, manipulating side to him. We all know someone like this, Ignorant, Self-righteous, lying, and a troublemaker.

By: Caden738

Some fall for his tricks, some do not

Octay the Deceiver

Do you see his words as true?

Is Octay the deceiver a manipulator of you?

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3. Rebel ‘n Repel

Date Posted: Aug 13th, 2019

Inspiration: The Need For Change.

Personal Thoughts: I had a friend who read this poem, and they assumed it was “Political”. It is not. This poem is not an Anti-government motto, it is simply my way of saying that we need to get back to basics. More Morals, better people, and a greater world.

By: Caden738

Sins will consume

You need to rebel

Need to repel

Infect where it will dwell

With hot hell

…..To Access The Original Please Click Here…

4. Magic Waters

Date Posted: May 18th, 2019

Inspiration: Dr. Seuss

Personal Thoughts: I was in a feeling of whimsy, and happiness. I just wanted to create something fun, and I believe I did. Childish, and fun.

By: Caden738

On the bay of ponderay lies a pond called faund, which houses the fish in blouses, who dine at noon with the aquatic baboon, who frequently calls the Dalls.

The Dalls are Eel’s, who go go royal balls, wearing their heels, where they meet with the king of lomping, the biggest city of faund, the pond.

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5. (Can’t Go To) Hell And Back

Date Posted: July 8th, 2019

Inspiration: I was inspired to write this poem during a moment of extreme anger, and frustration.

Personal Thoughts: While I have ended that feud (For now at least) I will never start to hate this post, nor take it down. Even if me, and that person become best friends I will never take this post down. Because I believe that it is that incredibly dark side to all anger, and we all have it, at some point, and time. As every therapist knows: Its nice to know someone else has the same feelings. This poem is relatable.

By: Caden738

You can’t go to hell and come back

And your costin’ me, I’m losin’ clothes on my back

We want you gone, so why not just go

Cause you cant go to hell, and back

You always try, to start a fight

Always seeing bad things, and shining on them a light

So please just lose life’s fight

Cause you can’t go to hell and back

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Notice Something?

Many of these posts (Actually most of them) were written, and published on July 8th, 2019. That’s a day I spent up at my Cabin, and I just thought. It was a very rough time, and I felt as if the whole world was against me. Things are better now! 🙂 But at least from those bad times came good writings.

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