Lichen Poem: House For Sale

For Sale by Caden738

It weird, I mean it’s really odd

How you made a prediction

As if you thought you were God

You said I wouldn’t get anywhere in life

But looky loo

Success to me is common, and rife

And you cry “Boo Hoo”

As you face Strife

Your wife left you

Took the kids too

Your house is for sale

And You lost your job

I would give you a bail

If you weren’t such a rude snob

But hey I guess that’s reality

If you were nicer

Your world wouldn’t be a falling tree

Hey parents this is a lesson for your kids

Don’t be rude, be nice keep all your jars open

Don’t shut their lids

Because you never know

When things will go

Go down, and spiral

When you’ll need help paying for medication

Because of an infection that’s viral

You’ll always need help

And be sure to return the favor

You’ll only be able to though

If your a supporter, and raver

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