Lichen Poem: Rarity

Rarity by Caden738

My passion is rare

Its showing itself

Its letting its teeth show bare

Its giving a glare

Letting you know it’s ready

Letting you know it stands tall

Its firm, it stands steady

It won’t come down, won’t fall

Rare like a steak

Never gonna bend or break

It’s on its grind

Left failure down the road

Yeah it left failure behind

My streak, yes my streak

Hasn’t stopped, and won’t now

Its shiny, not bleak

Its won’t surrender, won’t bow

Won’t bow down

Won’t give up ground

Consuming every near town

From the towers to every mile mound

That’s my passion yes it is

It’s taking off, and people see

They’ll say “Yeah, that’s his”

And they’ll leave it be

Because they know

Deep down inside

You can’t take down my passion airplane

So just let it glide

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