Lichen Story: A Dreamers Nightmare

One night the room got so cold I went to bed, and wrapped myself ten-fold in blankets so soft, I quickly drifted to sleep in my tiny loft.

In my dream I was in a town devoured by morning’s steam. The people seemed real, and I stopped at a dinner where I ate some cornmeal for the first time in awhile, where I overheard a man say “God Bless the town of Vile”.

I remember that at that point I had a thought, strange for a dream, yet then I didn’t think aught. I said in my mind “Vile, eh? Why a name of that Kind?”. I was then struck blind.

In the darkness only I could see, outcame a figure with a smile of glee. I yelled “Let me Be!”, but the smile widened and he said in a rough “One, Two, Three”.

When the word three struck I was in the road, and was hit by a truck. It knocked me too the side of the street, where I laid in the muck.

Then I lay there paralyzed, froze. Until out of the bushes a spirit arose. He had no soul on his body, just clothes.

Then he did scream “Vile, Vile, Defile, hidden in Steam” then my eye was hit with a gleam. All was Bright, my eyes turned the color of thy sun, then I awoke in the night and knew the nightmare was done.

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