Lichen Poem: Joan Of Arc

By Caden738

Your my Joan of Arc

There when it’s dark

My shelter, my hold in the cold

My friend among fiends

Rainy, or snow storm there no matter the means

My Yellow flower among the Greens

When I’m in trouble your always seen

Pardoning me like a governor, when your Queen

You lower yourself for me a mere flee

Always bringing Glee when I’m in agony

Cooling me down when I’m at 390 Degrees

Always there to cure my disease

When I’ve had a scorching day your a cool breeze

My highest of all my trustees

Your like an owner, I’m his dog

Leading me on a leash through the thick fog

Washing me a sick hog

Yes in this world you sit high

So why do you wash the feet of a fly?

When I gain only defeat and cry

Why do you let me do it by your side

Protecting me, and always giving me shelter to hide

When I swelter you bring me to the beach side

Warning me before I collide

Saying “Good Morning” so bona fide

Bona Fide, yeah that’s the word

Because your so real

Because you let me heal

Because when I’m weak you give me a meal

I know that it’s genuine

But why, oh why?

Like I said I’m swine

It’s like the sky, oh sky

Being attacked by a canine

Because it’s so rare

And it’s so unreal

But I know it’s not a snare

I know it’s not some steal

Because as I said your my Joan of Arc

My gold nugget in the wooden bark

Your a flower I’m a buzzing bee

Without you I die, and there is no more me

Yeah this is all true

And I love-a-dove you

Like a baby Joey loves mama kangaroo

Like when its snowy a pilot needs a runway crew

Yes, I need you

Your Nifty

Not Shify

And I love you a million Times Fifty

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