By Anonymous

Boss Told Me To Decept

So into your soul I crawled

Into your brain I crept

Through the Chems, that made many balled

The Chem, it is their Gem

I was born by the Gem, Chem’s, Stem

Made to follow (Never Question) Them

Some find their way by song

From 8-Mile Detroit, to Hong Kong

Others through the written word

Others caught right away

By bystanders who were never heard

Never heard from again

Some Cursed Buddah, some said their last Amen

They’re the long, gone dead men

The dread men, the instant deathbed men

Once thousands saw our Queen

But you don’t here from them anymore

They were all replaced like a rotten wood floor

Heard from no more

Even Mr Icke is just a Mick

They play with him like a kid with a stick

He’s Planted like a Tree

But I’m one to talk

They control me

I’m one to balk

Us both are a pack mule & donkey

They’ve got many much greater

Many from the past, some are coming later

They’ve got leaders, civilians, mechanics, and Docs

Pilots, Captians, generals, and makers of Locks

They’ve got your relatives, maybe your Mom, and Your Dad

They sleep, and they live from Kent to Baghdad

Always in plain sight, or around a Corner

You may see a Passerby, or Funeral Mourner

But in reality its them

In actuality it’s those of the Gem

No trick, no technicality its products of the chem

Remember that they are the Vampire’s in the cave

Playing Lyres to deceive when it’s your flesh they crave

They are the Lizards, walking through the Blizzards

The Wolves, The Foxes, The Hawks, sending you too

An early Pine Box

You’ll never hear from me again

But listen to me! Await the Queens, Queen


Await the Queens King


I say to you good Life, Good Day

And Amen.

This Poem was written, and Submitted by an Anonymous User.

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