Lichen Story: Serpent Of Halowco

The Serpent Of Halowco (Pronounced: Huh-low-co)

“The serpent dances in the fire. To the sound of a nonexistent lyre”–Granny Halowco

It slithers, and crawls through thy poisonous halls, as its belly inches on the floor it heads towards the door. Out it goes to the meadows, where Henry meets his end.

Approaching and poaching its Prey who stands in a blue Beret ‘neath the Archway. The archway where henry meets his demise lies in the grass greener than the eyes of Miss Abernise.

“Beware! I warn you now! Never tempt the serpent for it will be the end of thou!”–Grandpa Halowco

The serpent has taken many lives from its native land: the Maldives. The tribes had many scribes who made a joint try to banish the serpent before anymore did die.

They were successful, they were in the clear, but sadly the serpent ended up here. Here at the Halowco Estate where it is now too late to save Henry who is in a Frozen state. He saw the Serpent suddenly, and he was petrified as it increased its rate, all henry can do now is wait…

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