Lichen Poem: Split-Second

Split-Second by Caden738

Time was frozen

As The gears released death

It spins, and twirls until it hits you

And ravages your last breath

Eric was a man with a wife, and girls

Time froze as the bullet neared him

He saw each one of its 873 midair twirls

He saw the man–Dennis–Pull the release

He saw the future where Dennis escaped the police

He saw the reality where his wife is left broke

He saw the possibility where his daughters live poor

And get addicted to Heroin, whilst selling coke

Yes his mind did exaggerate and overreact

It was hell, it was so awful

Why in the universe is this lawful?

I mean theirs nothing to prevent events like this

Sadly, this world is not bliss

Why are men allowed to kill men?

Why are so many oppressed, and depressed?

Why is the truth so often repressed?

We won’t know until our days are done

And we gather in heaven with thy Father & Son

I’m sure there’s a reason, I’m sure there’s a cause

Maybe dennis just broke the laws

If that is so maybe he’ll get what he has earned

Eternity in the land of the burned

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