Goodbye (?) Forest

I can not see the future

Only our past

Were you too good to last?

I don’t know, I’m not sure

I hope the Cancer subsides

But I don’t know if it will

I hope it runs and hides

Maybe it will die on a hill?

So long as it doesn’t take you

So long as it doesn’t do

What I fear it may

Goodbye Maybe, my hedgie Baby

Let’s hope today is not our last

Let’s hope today is the first of a million

Let’s hope this minute is the first of a billion

Let’s hope this second is the first a trillion

More to Come

Forest. Fun. Obedient. Restful. Exciting. Special. True.


Update: Forest The Hedgehog Ended Up Not Having Cancer, But Simply A Small Lump, that was just an inflated belly button. He’s Living Happy & Fun.

Thank God.