Three Wishes Toward A New Life Part 1, by Michael

Suzanne tapped her desk softly, watching the clock overhead her teacher who appeared to be rambling about some nonsense. It was the final hour of school on a Friday so she couldn’t be any less interested in some lecture if she tried. Images of a perfect weekend.

Oh, maybe I should ask Rachel to go bowling with me tomorrow, she wondered. Or maybe right after school ends! We could have a sleepover too!
Her eyes darted between the clock and her bored classmates surrounding her. Lifeless it all felt, and it didn’t help that the window’s curtains to her far right were open, revealing a gray, boring, and snowy winter scene.

I gotta get out of here, she thought anxiously, tapping away at her desk louder than before.

“Ms. Graham?” questioned the teacher, staring directly at Suzanne.

Flabbergasted, Suzanne quickly straightened herself and muttered, “y-yes Mrs. Brimstone?”

“You’re making way too much noise over there and you’re not only distracting me, but your peers as well.”

“Sorry,” mumbled Suzanne.

Not finished with her assessment of the poor lass, a wild smirk edged itself across Mrs. Brimstone’s face. “Let us see how much you have been paying attention, Ms. Graham. Come up to the front of the class and solve this problem.”

Horrified and embarrassed, Suzanne picked herself up from her desk and marched robotically toward the dry erase board. The class snickered and whispered, watching her examine the board for what felt like hours.

Math was not Suzanne’s forte and Mrs. Brimstone knew as she eagerly awaited to correct any potential mistakes.

“I can’t solve this,” said Suzanne.

“And why’s that, Ms. Graham?” asked her teacher smugly.

“I, uh, wasn’t paying attention…”
Laughter erupted in the class and a violent shade of red swept across Suzanne’s pale face.

“That’s enough!” yelled Mrs. Brimstone, silencing her students altogether. “Ms. Graham, your grades have been poor for the longest. I think it would do you well to stay after class for a study break.”

“What?” snapped Suzanne.

DING-DONG-BING-BONG, the school’s loudspeakers broadcasted, signaling that it was time to head home. Suzanne’s classmates swiftly packed their things and eagerly headed out of the classroom.

Suzanne returned to her seat and gaze distantly into space, thinking about how her weekend plans were now ruined. Surely Mrs. Brimstone could forgive her screwup just this once?

“Where’s your textbook?” her teacher asked. “Are you telling me you’ve been sitting here this entire time without a book?”

“M-Mrs. Brimstone,” started Suzanne, but her teacher quickly shushed her as she moved toward her wooden desk, retrieving a dusty book after a five-minute search.

“And here we are,” her teacher said, smirking as she placed the book upon Suzanne’s desk. “It’s a little old, but please turn to page two hundred and eight. It has about twenty problems for you to solve. I expect your answers within the next hour.”

The teen groaned ruthlessly as she flipped frantically through the textbook pages, imagining many vivid and cruel scenes involving a certain someone. She prayed for some unforeseen miracle to happen that would free her from this hell.

“Maybe I can help…” said a strange disembodied voice

What was that? Suzanne thought to herself as her eyes searched the entire classroom. She knew she heard a voice somewhere close…and yet, no one was around.

“Was it my imagination?” she muttered.

She couldn’t confirm where the voice came from, so she hopped back to her math problems. Unfortunately, the simple act of studying was enough to give Suzanne a headache, forcing her to leave her desk and take a walk around the classroom.

“So, so, sooo bored,” she said to herself, observing the snow from the class’s window. Distinct banging noises were heard from the next room over, but Suzanne didn’t concern herself with it. Instead, her focus was drawn to a picture frame of Mrs. Brimstone’s husband and child atop her teacher’s desk.

They looked happy which puzzled Suzanne because her teacher Mrs. Brimstone was the most unpleasant person she had ever met. Sure, she barely did her homework and study like she was supposed to, but her teacher didn’t have to be so mean! It burned her to the core, thinking about her teacher’s happy life outside of school.

“Life isn’t as pleasant as you thought, huh?” Said the voice again…

“Now I know I’m not hearing things,” Suzanne shouted, watching the classroom.

“Who’s in here and what do you want?” She said. And Though she tried to keep an aggressive tone, her legs quivered. An unknown assailant was near, and that frightened the poor girl.

“I am here,” the voice said louder.
Suzanne stalked the classroom for a second time, pondering where the voice came from. “Where are you?”

“Check the book,” it said cheerfully.
Suzanne gradually approached her desk, picked up the beaten book and flipped through the pages until the voice stopped her; the final page of the book, the author’s information. A picture of a blonde young boy winked, freaking her out. She sputtered and dropped the book in a haste before backing away slowly.

“J-j-j-just what in the he-heck is going on!?” screamed Suzanne.

“Please try to understand,” the voice said muffled. “Pick me up and let’s take it from the top…”

Though she hesitated, her curiosity peaked. As told, she grabbed the book and flipped it back to the author’s page and looked deeply into the picture of a blonde male who appeared to be the same age as her.

“Thank you,” the voice said. “My name is Donald. What might yours be?”

“S-Suzanne,” she gasped. “But never mind that… this is so unreal… You are talking to me, right?”

“Yes, child,” said Donald irritably. “It has been so long since I’ve had a conversation with anyone. You see, I’ve been trapped within this book for about…uh, I’m not sure. Months and years can go by without me even knowing…”

“But how?!” blurted Suzanne.

“How what?”

“How are you trapped inside a book? Like, how are we even having this conversation!? My mind is running circles right now…”

The boy in the picture shrugged nonchalantly. “I do not believe that is very important. Rather, I have some exciting news for you. What if I told you I can grant you three wishes… for a cost?”

“Three wishes? Are you being for real?”

“For a cost.”

“And what’s this cost?”

Donald placed his finger upon his chin. “An eternal bond?”

Suzanne’s cringed hearing that line. However, there was something tempting about his offer. Sure, she didn’t fully believe that he could be grant her three wishes but humoring the talking book would be worth a shot.

“Okay then,” began Suzanne, “I want to get revenge on my teacher…like, I don’t want to kill her or anything…just…I wish I had some dirt on her to use so she will never bother me again.”

“Consider it done,” said Donald, nodding. “Check the classroom next door.”

Suzanne raised her eyebrow at this suggestion but was interested. She placed the battered book atop her desk and quietly snuck from her class to the next. She gulped and slowly turned the knob to enter…

And there it was, Donald granted her first wish: her married teacher, Mrs. Brimstone was making out with another teacher right before her eyes. The excitement rose upon Suzanne’s face and she couldn’t help but smile much to the humiliation of her two teachers.

To Be Continued…

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